Richard Kangas

Kangas pic Welcome to the Rich Kangas Home Page!  I teach at Lincoln High School and both Wilson and Washington Junior High Schools.  I want every student to work hard  and to be successful.
If you wish to contact me please e-mail me at:

Here is my 2014-15 Teaching Schedule:

Where’s Mr.Kangas?

1st General/Advanced Woods                       LHS  Room 40    7:55 – 8:46

2nd General/Advanced Woods                      LHS Room 40     8:50 – 9:41

3rd Travel from Lincoln to Wilson

4th Hour (Red) Wood Tech. /Wood Proc.  

               (White) Wood Tech. / Wood Proc.

                                                               Wilson Room 118     10:45 –11:39  

5BC (Red)  Design & Modeling/Automation &  Robotics

Design & Modeling/Automation & Robotics

                                          Wilson Rooms 134/136     12:17 –1:13

 6th Travel from Wilson to Washington

 7th Hour (Red)  Design & Modeling/Automation & Robotics

                                                        Washington Room 108     2:06 –2:57