Band Homework

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2016 Wilson Winter Band Concert Review: Click Here

Band Concert Make up

Pick one of the two/three options to make up the band concert from December 13/15, 2016.

1. Directions:  Prepare a three page hand written report about the composer from one of our songs we did at the concert.  You may use any resources you can find (internet, encyclopedias, books, ect.).  List all sources used.  Pick one from your grade level

7th Grade  - Robert W. Smith, Rob Grice, Michael Brown, Black Eyed Peas

8th Grade – Todd Stalter, James Swearingen, Tim Waters, Coldplay

9th Grade -  Todd Stalter, Andrew Balent, Tim Waters, Coldplay

Jazz – Doug Beach, Paul Murtha, Peter Blair, the band: Chicago

2. Record each song that your band performed for the concert and submit it to Mr. Smith.  Record from beginning to end as if you were playing it with the entire group.  Include rests. – See Mr. Smith for recording questions.

3.  8th/9th Grade Only – attend an upcoming LHS Abe’s Gang Gig and play along with the band.  See Mr. Smith for times & dates, music, and additional details.

To Get full credit for the concert you must complete one of the options AND  bring a note from home stating the reason for your absence.

Due Date:  Wednesday, January 18, 2017