Band Homework

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Band Requirements For 1st Quarter 2017

7th, 8th, 9th  Grade BandsMusic Note, Quaver, Png, ...

        IMET’S (three @ 10 points each): 30 points

        Rehearsals: 30 points          

        Performances: 30 points

        Written Work/Ipad Work: 10 points

Total Amount of Points                     Grading Scale

        30 points for rehearsals                      A=90-100 points

        30 points for performances                 B=80-89 points

        30 points for IMET’s C=70-79 points

        10 points for written/Ipad work           D=60-69 points

                                                                    F=Below 60

IMET Requirements:

1st IMET:   Scale Review/Intonation Review or Introduction (Percussion Rudiments Review/Introduction)

2nd IMET: Band Music

3rd IMET: ???

Odds and Ends…..

  • Are you thinking of an instrument switch that will help the band??  Let’s get you started…..

  • End of the quarter: Friday, November 3rd

  • On the Horizon:  Holiday Horns.  Do you like to play “Holiday Music”?  Holiday Horns is a group of students who practice during Hawktime out of the Pink Holiday Horns book.  Then perform some gigs in the community come December. If interested….sign up when announced.

  • Start working on your Band Achievement Award - Mr. Smith will describe!

  • Looking for things to practice….check out your Band Karate!!

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