Physical Education

Swim Unit

Swimming for Mrs. Wetenkamps PE classes will begin on Monday January 19th RED days and Tuesday January 20th WHITE days.  The swim unit will last about 4-5 weeks.

Students will be provided lockers with their PE lock in the swim locker room.

Please bring:

·        A swim suit

o   Girls-a one piece or two-piece with a cover up such as a tank top or t- shirt

o   Boys-a suit with a liner or jammers   

·        Towel, if you need more than one (school issues 1)

·        Goggles or a swim cap if you need

·      Sandals or Flip Flops if need or wanted

·        Shower items

o   Like shampoo and body wash

Students can keep items in their locker or bring them home after each class.

If your student is not able to medically swim please provide a medical note to the school for that and they will be involved in an alternate activity.

Parent notes are required for students who sit out of swimming on a daily basis.  

Content:  The swim unit will focus on becoming comfortable in the water, swim skills (front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, treading water, floating) as well as swimming for fitness.  All students, whether they are comfortable in the water or not yet, can fully participate, we swim widths in the pool so a student can place themselves in the pool at a place that they are comfortable swimming.

Swim Make-ups:  if a student misses a swim class, it must be made up at school in the pool/swimming.  Makeups will be either before or after school.  Students, please speak with Mrs. Wetenkamp if you need to set up an alternate time than that is scheduled.

If you have questions or concerns please email me at

Thank You, Mrs. Wetenkamp