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The Complete Persepolis (whole book)
Matter of Mosque and State questions

10/2--if you are looking for the 5Themes Notes.  They are on the USEFUL LINKS PAGE--go there to down load the file :)

Welcome to Social Studies

SS8 and Learn 21st C.

sonja and sarah

It is my 15th year teaching in the district.  I love working with kids.  Junior High age kids are the GREATEST! 

‚ÄčClass Schedule:

 Hour Class   R/W
 1  Prep  all
 2  Learn 21st. C.  r/w
 3 SS8  all
 4 SS8  all
 5(b-lunch) SS8 excel   all
 6  SS8  all
 7  Study Hall  all

Learn 21st C. Google Site is here:
Learn 21st. C. Google Site