Mark Meisner


I’m celebrating my 26th year of teaching and my first year at Wilson Jr. High! I am excited to teach in the community in which I grew up and now raise my children. Over my career, I have served students in many different capacities. I have worked as an at-risk teacher, Peace Corps volunteer, English teacher, school counselor, charter school teacher, and special education teacher. At Wilson, I will teach students to advocate for themselves and to be productive members of our community.

My wife is also a teacher (formerly at Washington Jr High, now at UW-Manitowoc) and my daughters are in the MPSD elementary level.   Our family enjoys reading, nature, and life on the Lakeshore.

My daily schedule:
Hour 1: Room 230--Multiple Learning Center (MLC) and Math 8
Hour 2: Room 230--Wellness (Red Days); supporting students in PE with Mr. Steinbecker (White Days)
Hour 3: Room 216--Supporting students in Math 8 with Mrs. Kakuk
HAWK Time: Room 230--Enrichments, remediation, social skills
Hour 4: Room 230--MLC and Science 8
Hour 5: Room 230--MLC, Social Studies 8, Math 7
Hour 6: Room 230--MLC/Prep
Hour 7: Room 230--English

4859 ext. 5918