Getting Organized for Junior High

  1.  All students need a large sturdy back pack or messenger bag with plenty of compartments to carry books, binders, computers (for 7th and 9th graders) and supplies to and from school.
  2. There are some school supplies that are used in most classes.  Generally students should have pencils, blue or black pens, a red pen or pencils, erasers folders for each class and notebook paper.  Each teacher has a specific list of supplies that are required for a class and this is usually given to students on the first day of class. 
  3. A pencil case should be used to keep things like pens, pencils, erasers and highlighters in one place and accessible for each class.
  4. Use your Wilson planner to keep track of homework, special schedules and activities.  Some students prefer to utilize technology to keep track of things so they use the calendar function on their phones or computers. Checking out the calendar pages of your teachers on the Wilson web page will also help to keep you organized.
  5. Make several copies of your class schedule. Put the schedules in your locker, your Wilson planner, on your notebooks and keep one at home.  Your schedule can be accessed on-line through Infinite Campus
  6. Label notebooks and folders with your name and the course. Color coordinating folders and notebooks helps students stay organized as they are quickly grabbing things from their lockers during passing times.
  7. An expandable folder is a good place to keep materials when a large class project is assigned.
  8. Have a stash of supplies at home just in case you leave something at school.
  9. The amount of homework required in Junior High increases.  Planning a schedule that includes time for completing homework and participating in activities will help to make your life less stressful.

‚ÄčHave a great year!
backpack and supplies