Manitowoc Wilson Junior High School

Health Education – Mrs. Wetenkamp


Welcome to the class that will make learning about your home for life fun!

You will be actively learning comprehensive health education to increase and optimize your understanding of how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.   

In order to be successful for Health class, please come ready to be an active learner, bring a pen or pencil, folder, and your computer daily to class.  

Your Grade will be calculated from the following assignments as Total Points, no group of assignments will hold a greater weight or percent than the other:

Daily Assignments

  • Homework will be assigned and expected to be turned in on time.  Students will have time to work on homework in class as part of the class.  They may have to take worksheets home to finish at times.  Otherwise I do my best to make sure work can be completed in class with my help and your classmates, so use that time wisely!

  • Posters, brochures and essays.  

  • Participation and attendance are an expectation.  You will receive points for not only being in class but being an element of the class (your participation)  We do a lot of group work and discussion, be a part of that!

  • Journaling will be done in class and must be handed in during that same class-it is not accepted late unless you were absent.

  • Article Reviews will be done during some units  and we will spend 1 or 2 days in class for students to research and discuss an article of interest pertaining to our specific unit.  We will discuss these article reviews as a class.  

  • Class notes.  Class notes can be taken by hand. But, I hope we can take notes on our computers in our google drive.  We will be working on uploading notes we take in class to our google classroom per quarter as part of your participation grade.

  • Tests:  You must be in class to complete a test.  A test may be done at the completion of some units.  

Google Classroom

We will be using google classroom.  Plan to bring your laptop to every class.  Each class will go through the steps to connect to google classroom to submit assignments and do classwork.  Parents can also look on students google classroom with help of the student.  I attach as much work, powerpoints, projects, rubrics, on google classroom as I can.  I will post reminders and class announcements as well.  Please turn on notifications for your google classroom.  

Late Work

All late or missing work is your responsibility.  Certain assignments are not accepted late.  All other missing work is due by the end of the unit we are currently in which would be the day of the unit test, or the end of a quarter (whichever were to come first), after that it is not accepted and will be a 0.  

Please see me if you are having difiiculties with an assignment.  


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