Ipad Cart/Apps

The Wilson Band program is fortunate to have an Ipad cart for students to use both during class and during Hawktime.  The purpose of the Ipad's are to help enhance student learning of music through the use of technology.  These also provide a great avenue for remedial work as well.  Most of these were free downloads and can be downloaded on Iphones or other devices for home practice.

Below I have listed the music apps found on our Ipads and what "Category of Music" they fall under. What "Category" do you as a student need the most improvement on (think of your pre-assessment)? 

Standard: Melody (note names & fingerings)
Staff Wars-Note Names (can also set the app to work on ledger line notes)
Flashnote - Note Names (can also set the app to work on ledger line notes)
Read Music - Notes
Tenuto - Note Identification

Standard:  Rhythm (rhythm counting, time signature, note/rest identification)
Read Music - Rhythms
Complete Rests - Rhythms
Rhythm Cat Lite

Standard: Harmony (key signature, enharmonics, major/minor scales, intervals)
Read Music - Intervals
Music Intervals
Tenuto - Key Signature Identification, Interval Identification
Scales Tutor - Study of key signatures and scales
Key Signature
- Intervals

Standard: Expression (articulation, dynamics)
Read Music- Symbols

Standard: Literacy (tone, intonation, phrasing, musical terms, musical symbols)
Read Music - Symbols
PanoTuner - Intonation/tuner

Miscellaneous Apps:
Blob Chorus - Ear Training
Dust Buster 2
Garage Band - Create Music
Error Detect
Hokusai - Create/Record Music
Magic Piano

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