Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope the school year is offering your family opportunities for enjoyable experiences.  These experiences are a great way to provide family structure in the development of healthy attitudes and responsible behaviors.  Human growth and development education is a combined responsibility of school, community, and home.  It helps students become responsible for personal wellness using good practices and decisions for self and others.  It is a process that fosters positive, skillful decision making and problem solving based upon accurate, ever-changing health information.  

Our curriculum is designed to help students understand that the decisions they make now will affect the quality of their lives both now and in the future.  The curriculum focuses on risks, responsibilities, and relationships throughout their life.  

The topics we will be covering include:


  • Puberty & Reproductive Health

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Teen Pregnancy & Prevention

  • Family Planning & Birth Control Methods

  • Pregnancy & The Childbirth Process

  • Fetal Development

  • Child Care

  • Values/Morals

  • Decision Making

  • Peer Pressure and Refusal skills

  • Dating

  • Dating Abuse

  • Love & Infatuation

We would like to inform you of the topics we will be covering during this unit in hopes that you can also discuss what they are learning and will be learning and reinforce your family values with your child.  

Health Education is a life-long process, which has it’s beginning at home.  It is essential that we work together to help our youth make safe, legal, healthy and respectful choices.  I update my google calendar on my wilson website so that you are aware of what topic we are covering.  I also attach assignments when I can.   We will begin this unit in just a couple weeks!  

My Wilson Calendar link


Jenni Wetenkamp

Physical Education & Health Instructor

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