Intro to Theatre Power Standards

Play Reading and Analysis

Students in Wisconsin will attend live theatre and read plays, be able to analyze and evaluate the play, and articulate (create meaning from) the play’s message for individuals and society.

A.12.1 Attend a live theatrical performance and be able to explain the personal meaning derived from the experience, and also be able to analyze, evaluate, and create meaning in a broader social and cultural context in either written or oral form

Performance: Students in Wisconsin will work and think as actors and develop basic acting skills to portray characters who interact in improvised and scripted scenes.

B.12.1 Create a believable, sustained character exhibiting basic acting skills including physical and vocal technique in a presentation that shows their understanding of the emotional and psychological makeup of the character

Analysis of Process:

Students in Wisconsin will work and think as theatre artists and reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their own work and the work of others.

D.12.1 Reflect on and assess their own work and the work of others

D.12.2 Continue to share their comments constructively and supportively within the group

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