7th Grade Band

What’s the Deal With My Instrument?

For this activity you are going to create a poster advertising your instrument as “For Sale” or as a “Wanted To Buy” item.   You already have the following information:  Brand, Model Number, Serial Number.  You are going to need to find out some specifics about your instrument to include in your Poster.  The items you need to research and include in your poster are:

  • Brand Name

  • Model Number (if you have one)

  • Serial Number

  • Student line/Step up (Intermediate), Professional level

  • Cost of your instrument brand new or used (you may only find your instrument as being sold used)

  • Any additional “goodie’s” your instrument has that sets it apart from others (Extra high octave key, laser precise machining, four spit valves, ect).

  • Include anything else you think you may want to sell or include in your purchase (marching stuff, mutes, a stand).

  • Include two graphics – one of them should be your instrument (a saxophone, flute)

Hint:  Can’t find your instrument…..check out the Brand Name’s Website or www.wwbw.com!!!  Those are  great places to start.  If you have an Old Instrument you may have to find a newer one to reference.

Turn In:

Make your poster in a Google Doc and share it with Mr. Smith  IF YOU DON’T GOOGLE….create it using a Word Doc and email it to Mr. Smith