IPS Power Standards

Integrated Physical Science (IPS) is an inquiry-based science course that will allow students to investigate the fundamental interactions that underlie all matter. Through modeling and scientific explanation students explore curious aspects of the everyday world, discovering how the unseen world of atomic level interactions and energy transformations are responsible for much of what we observe around us. These interactions are critical for explaining and making predictions about important processes typically addressed in chemistry, biology and earth science.

IPS Power Standards: Semester 1

  • Develop a conceptual model of electrostatic interactions by exploring how various charged objects interact with each other and with uncharged objects.
  • Analyze observations of matter in order to evaluate the continuous and particle models of matter
  • Use evidence to construct and revise a model of atomic structure.
  • Connect ideas about energy transfer and energy conservation to charges and atomic structure of matter.
  • Explain the energy transfers that occur when molecules form and break using the concept of conservation of energy.
  • Construct a model of chemical reactions involving energy and electrostatic interactions.

IPS Power Standards: Semester 2

  • Make observations about how water behaves, why water is so important for life, how it is different from other liquids, why the components of water (hydrogen and oxygen) are important, and how electron distribution affects observations of water.
  • Explore phase changes of water and develop a model that explains how intramolecular and intermolecular interactions result in arrangements that lower potential energy.
  • Investigate how non-polar interactions in combination with polar interactions affect the shape of biological molecules and their function.

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