Amy Raml



My name is Madame Raml and I will be your French teacher this year at Wilson Middle School. I am so excited to have each and every one of you in class as we learn about French language and culture. It’s going to be fantastique!

About Me:

I was born and raised in Milwaukee which allowed me to attend Milwaukee French Immersion and Milwaukee School of Languages, thus I have been speaking French and studying French culture since I was 6 years old. I have done some traveling abroad where I was able to use my French knowledge (France, Canada, New Orleans, Belgium) and I studied in France (Institut de Touraine) during my undergraduate studies. I began my teaching career in 1997 after earning a Bachelor’s of Arts in French Education. I also have a Master’s of Arts in Teaching, and certifications in Youth, Family and Parent Coaching. I am married and enjoy spending time with family and friends, along with my daughter, Amelia. I love animals, reading, eating tacos, walking/hiking, and learning new things. I can’t wait to get to know you! :)

My Teaching Philosophies:

- I have high expectations, however, every goal in class is completely attainable and can be met by doing your best. Sure, there might be a point when you think French is difficult, you may even feel confused, or you just don’t understand a concept, but that’s OK!  As long as you do your best job by making genuine effort, you WILL SUCCEED. Guaranteed!

- There is only one rule in class: RESPECT yourself and others.

- I really do care about and respect all of my students: present, past and future!

- I believe in a family-like atmosphere where we can all feel comfortable together. I like to laugh which allows you and your peers to have fun while learning as well. All I ask is that you remind yourself of the respect rule which entails boundaries. C’est simple, non? :)

- Routines are established in the beginning of the year, which enhance classroom management, boundaries, accountability, and overall achievement.

- I do my best to frequently update grades because I believe that by providing feedback on a regular basis, you will become more involved in your learning along with taking more responsibility/ownership of your grades.

- I would like for you to feel successful and to have a positive self-image in my classroom. I work hard to help each student to enhance their growth mindset within our classroom community. I truly believe that if we collaborate while working together as a class, we can overcome any obstacles along with celebrating our accomplishments, and this is how we will find success as we tap into our true potential. We are ALL team members with the same goal in mind: to learn French while having fun!

Daily Materials Required:                                                                                                                 -1 1 inch binder with lined paper or spiral notebook and 1 folder with holes (veteran French students may use their past materials to organize)

- Pen or a pencil

- Assignments needed for that day

- Chromebook

Note: Textbooks will be kept in the classroom for reference use only

Daily Expectations:

- Encore, I have only ONE rule: respect everyone and yourself. Would it be respectful coming to class late? How about sharpening your pencil while your peer is speaking? Just keep in mind what it means to be respectful of others and yourself, how you would like to be treated, and our class will be extraordinaire!

- As a class, we help and encourage each other while having fun!

- It’s ok to make mistakes and this is how we learn. Never ever be afraid to try! Once you become fearless, you become limitless!

- Daily participation points are earned by being in class and participating. See me if you have any questions.


Your grade will be based on the percentage of total points earned. No weighted grades.

Extra Help:                                                                                                                       I am here to help! Contact me and we can discuss options! :)

Extra Credit Opportunities:

See me to discuss potential ideas.

Contact Me:

I love to hear from my students and/or parents during the year (questions, concerns, ideas, feedback, etc), because it makes me a better teacher! So please feel free to contact me anytime. Email:     Phone: 920-663-9922

Looking forward to an amazing school year!

Madame Raml :) World Language Power Standards:

1.Students who study a World Language will gain new cultural perspectives, develop empathy towards others, and tolerate differences.

2. Students will engage in conversation, interpret spoken and written materials from other cultures, and present concepts in a language other their own.

3. Students will enhance understanding of their native language and strengthen skills across all disciplines.

4. Students will gain proficiency in the target language over time through practice of vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and exposure to the language.